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SHELBY BLECKER - Running for Member At Large seat

New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community
Shelby Blecke - At Large Sea

Shelby Blecker

I’m running for Mid City West neighborhood council At Large seat to represent my community, its interests, and concerns. We have many issues that need addressing: crime, better solutions for the unhoused, funding for parks and open space, and better paying jobs close to where we live that will help to reduce traffic.


I grew up in the Melrose area and have lived here since 1965. I’ve seen both good and bad changes. I often think about how those changes affect us. That’s a reason I joined the Community-Police Advisory Board and worked with them to organize the Melrose Wednesday Walks.  I sit on the board of Concern Foundation for Cancer Research, a non-profit that works to fund the research to find cures for cancer and have owned a small business since 1984. It employs a diverse group of people. We discuss transportation, the environment and housing costs every day.


For the past two years, as a member of the public I have offered comments at many MCWNC meetings. I don’t shy away from taking positions and putting hard issues and facts on the table. We need more varied opinions on MCWNC to represent the diverse opinions of stakeholders. With the NC meetings going back to "In Person" only, some MCWNC members have said they would need to resign if live, in person, meetings restart. I won’t. I’ll be there for our community, standing up for the issues, concerns and needs that affect where we live, work, pray and attend school.

Craig Brill - Business Seat

CRAIG BRILL - Running for Business Seat

New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Craig Brill

A native Angeleno I have lived in Mid-City West for over 30 years from the Melrose Neighborhood to Beverly Grove. I am also the co-founder of the Beverly Grove Residents Association and a member of the West Third Street business Association as well as a small business owner in the community with my husband. 


We have one of the most dynamic diverse communities in the city, from our historic neighborhoods to our vibrant small business communities to Hollywood entertainment. We have it all. As we look to the future I envision a community that continues to grow through responsible development, preserving our historic homes and architecture throughout the community, pushing for safety on our streets, clean and reliable public transportation along with common sense humane solutions to solving the tragedy of Homelessness. As a member of the LGBT+ community I will ensure that your Neighborhood Council is rooting out hate and bigotry, whether in our government or from individuals. There is no room for Hate in our community. 

I would be honored to serve you and be your voice on the Mid City West Neighborhood Council as your Business Representative. 

Craig Brill.jpg
Let's change some things.  Let's dance, STOP HATE & Brake Some Chains!  Enjoy the video from  and VOTE for our 2 candidates.

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